Funny Ramadan parade


Ramadan is a Holy Muslim Month. During this month we seek to feed our spirit with devotion and prayers to God rather than the body. It is a month of patience, fasting and self control. A month that from its beginning people forget about their main goal and seem to enter in a “BIG BAZAAR FEAST ODYSSEY”.

Jordan – A classic Ramadan day (before sunset)

Car horns, taxis passing by like missiles and busses stuffed with people of all kinds. Noisy music that stops at the call of the muazin and ringing phones at every time..

Cascades of bananas hanging everywhere and colorful banquets with every fanciful good imaginable.

You can hear the seller calling “Moz b nos lera”, “lera, lera kol she b lera” and women fiercely bargaining for that good. Small children jumping and playing all around or simply are following their mothers in crowded and messy rows. Fancy and fashionable mannequins welcome you at every post and walking mistresses looking at them with a keenly look.


Maestro police proudly directing his grand traffic symphony and crazy trolley drivers challenging the street like in a magnificent Luna park arena.

Grand Niagara effects of freshly squeezed fruity juice at every bazaar. “Sugar cane”, “Qamar el Din”, “Tamar Hind”, “Pomegranate” and “lemon” are some of the tastes that quenches your mad thirst at iftar meal.

The warm sweet smell of fresh gatayef, dates and sweets of all kinds beckons you. Freshly packed khobez forming high monumental towers. Hands plenty with all sorts of goods and people hustling and bustling from every side. All in hurry, all on a ride, like swarms of bees circling above its hives. And I wonder and ask, how in the middle of all this chaos can a man still happily sleep in all silence and harmony?

Fatima Abbadi

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