Il campione di boxe e i forconi

Redazione - 15 Dicembre 2013

Cavalieri del silenzio, i segreti del Kazakistan

Redazione - 15 Dicembre 2013

Snow in Jerusalem: video and photogallery

Redazione - 15 Dicembre 2013
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We got out from Jerusalem on a taxi which drove on the road 443. Every other road was closed and hundreds of car were left along the streets because the drivers couldn’t go further Download the Assault Agreement form. The city and the israeli government seemed totally unprepared to this storm despite it had been annonced since a week. In 45 minutes travel leaving the city we saw only two bobcats working to get the roads clean media go. The israeli government reports about Idf intervention but on our way we didn’t see any soldiers doing what the government said they were supposed to in order to help the population 전지적 참견 시점 e30 다운로드. In this moment another big storm is coming from the north.


All pictures and video made by Silvia Fabbi & Luca Barbieri 국카스텐 음악 다운로드. For contact

Friday morning

No bus, no tram, no taxi and no electricity. Last night snowed a lot and Jerusalem after 24 hours of snow storm is knock out 거성맞고 다운로드.

Thursday, the first day

It’s very strange to wake up in Jerusalem, the holy city, with the snow 스마트 폰 유튜브 다운로드. But sometimes it happens! Here are pictures and video from the big snow of the 12th december 2013!

It’s really amazing 3ds max 2017 vray! Unfortunately Jerusalem today closed for the snow: no transportation, no museum, many many shops closed.